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Warehouse Management Software
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Warehouse management
Spotter enables organizations to customize workflow and picking logic to ensure that warehouse design is aimed at optimizing inventory allocation. WMS has established storage slots to maximize storage space and consider seasonal inventory differences.
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E-commerce management
Spotter assists users in managing the fulfillment, transportation, and reception tasks of warehouses or distribution centers, such as picking goods from shelves for shipment or storing received goods.
The role of each system in processing orders and the types of data they need to share with each other to ensure that the correct products arrive at customers on time.
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Internet of Things(IOT)
It supports the use of advanced tracking and automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) systems, including RFID and barcode scanners, to ensure that goods can be easily located when they need to be moved.
Seamless integration with ecommerce platform
Easily plug into our native integrations with major eCommerce platforms and apps, such as Amazo, Shopify, Walmart, Wayfair, Ebay,Wish,Temu
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Integrated eLogistics: Spotter order fulfillment works as a natural extension of your business

Commodity storage: Store your commodities at Spotter warehouse and ensure your downstream oprations can continue even if you have supply chain disruption

Automate processing via conditional flow

Cross-docking: Reduce transport, warehousing, and storage costs

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