One step to Amazon Vendor Central
One-Stop Intelligent Advertising Management
Order & Shipment Management
We offer a complete and smooth service for the whole process of VC order and shipment management. On the basis of our self-developed system SEVC, we have developed two embedded systems of a fully intelligent order management system and a shipment management system. These two functions can simplify the process of handling VC orders and logistics, transforming the mechanical operations that need to be handled manually into systematic automatic processing, saving your time.This is one of the reasons why most of our customers choose us.
BI Analytics Reports
VC Order Analysis
One-stop VC order monitoring and management tool. Multiple views of visual analysis reports can be toggled and are easy to use.
Traffic Conversion Analysis
Traffic and conversion have always been a major concern for operators. How to develop operational strategies to improve the conversion rate is inevitably inseparable from the new discoveries and insights after data analysis. Our system can provide visual reports of traffic conversion data to improve the efficiency of operations personnel.
AI Sales Reports Analysis
Our built-in AI, called Potter, supports simple semantics to query current product sales data and convert data into different representations including charts, pie charts and composite charts.
Amazon Vendor Training
We provide tailored online training for various clients, covering Amazon Vendor Central (VC) knowledge and SEVC system operations. This enables sellers to remotely learn with agility and effectiveness, enhancing their operational efficiency through simplified processes, while simultaneously elevating business proficiency.
We own a team of seasoned operational professionals dedicated to facilitating business onboarding and providing hands-on support to sellers, ensuring seamless problem resolution throughout their operational journey.
Meeting with Amazon Official
For customers whose cooperation amount reaches more than 20 million dollars, we will provide more value-added services, including Amazon official interviews, offline meeting training, and other opportunities. This will help you understand Amazon's operation strategies and market trends more deeply, and increase brand influence and sales.